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Frequently Asked Questions

Winter and early spring when most leaves have fallen are the best time of the year to remove a tree. It will be much easier to clean the area after the job is done.

You will want to confirm that the tree service company you are hiring is insured before they start doing their job. Tree service can be dangerous work, and it’s important to verify that they carry the proper insurance to cover any onsite accidents or damage.

The cost of tree removal is impacted by other factors like their number, height, the diameter of their trunks, permits needed, and the tree’s accessibility. On average, tree removal costs around $750, but be ready to pay between $200 to $2,000. You will have to pay more if the tree is in a dangerous place, like close to power lines.

You’ll pay between $100 to $500 to have a fallen tree removed near your home since we will most likely just need to cut and remove the tree from your property. The size of the tree and its trunk diameter impact this cost, there is also some extra cost to fill the holes caused by the tree. While you have specialists on-site, it is advisable to take a look a the other trees near your house for potential damage that can put your property at risk.

If you need a budget of over $1,500 to remove a tree from your yard larger than 80 feet. Large tree removal is a significant project requiring a crane, and the overall price will increase if the tree is close to your house or a dangerous place like power lines. Smaller trees can cost as low as $8 per foot to remove, while larger trees (over 80 feet) can cost starting from $15 per foot.

Tree removal is a task that requires a lot of tools and expertise that are beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner due to the danger that comes with this job. So it’s best to leave this a professional. It is even illegal to DIY tree removal.


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